Why do we do it
Understanding Our Purpose
Empowering Positive Change:
Our Purpose and Commitment to Giving Back
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At G10X, our strive to make a profound impact on society. Through our Impact Alpha program, we empower Generation Alpha through providing essential skills and resources, to ensure a transformative journey towards success.
At G10X, we offer equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of gender, at all levels of our company. We believe that a culture of equality fosters innovation and growth. Through embracing diverse talents we achieve excellence.

The altruistic story behind our formation
Values shape an organization's vision and beliefs. They help employees work towards a purpose and set organizational standards. Customers tend to choose organizations based on the values they deliver that helps them to stand out from the crowd.
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To build an enduring company that delights our clients, Our employees call home and has a positive impact on the planet
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A team that shares common values and principles
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...Delighting our clients by capturing unarticulated needs and creating hyper-personalised engagement through declared, inferred and observed behaviour...
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...thereby generating wealth and value for our employees
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...so that they can contribute back to society
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Impact Alpha Program (IAP) serves as a support system for children of Generation Alpha. These children are born into an era where smart devices seamlessly integrate into the physical and digital worlds. As they develop, emerging technologies will profoundly impact their experiences, attitudes, and expectations. However, not all children are privileged to have equal access to these resources or the necessary guidance. The Impact Alpha Program is vital for such children.
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Through the Impact Alpha Program, we thrive to empower the underprivileged students of Generation Alpha by providing them with essential tools, skills, and technology tailored to their unique needs. We set up computer labs and libraries, provide school kits and more, designed to support their educational journey effectively. We strive to cultivate a digitally fluent mindset, ensuring that Generation Alpha seamlessly integrates and leverages digital tools for effective learning and communication. Through our initiatives, we aim to foster not only academic excellence but also social awareness and empathy, thereby nurturing a generation that serves as a resilient foundation for our community's future.